Types Of Christmas Trees

We know you will find the perfect Christmas Tree at Wonderland Christmas Tree Farm. Our selection of cut-your-own trees and the large selection of live trees might just make it harder to select only one. Everyone has their favorite style for color, height, and shape. We do hope you will visit us with your family to select the best Christmas tree to enhance your home and holiday traditions. Here are brief descriptions of each Christmas tree variety available on the farm:

Cut-Your-Own Trees

Virginia Pine virginia pine xmas treesFeatures a clean, pleasant pine scent and a dark green color. Needle retention is excellent. Its foliage can be very dense. The needles have an unique artistic flair with their twisted appearance, making them different from other types of trees. It makes an attractive Christmas tree with a pleasing pine aroma.   Leland Cypress leyland cypress tree for christmasThe most popular Christmas tree in the South-East is dark green - gray in color and has very little aroma. It has upright branches with a feathery appearance. Since it is not in the Pine or Fir family, it does not produce sap which helps those with sap allergies to still enjoy a fresh tree. They don't have needles to drop that helps make them popular to some families.   Scotch Pine scotch pineProbably the most common Christmas tree and has wonderful bright green foliage.  It is well known to keep a fresh aroma throughout the season and for its excellent needle retention. This tree resists drying and usually does not drop its 1 inch needles. This tree has open branches so there is more room for decorative ornaments.  

Pre-cut trees

Fraser Fir Due to overwhelming demand we are currently out of Fraser Firs! We sold out of our order much quicker than we anticipated, so we will increase our order next year. This elegant tree features a rich dark blue-green flattened 1/2" to 1" long needle. The bottom of the needles are silvery in color with a very nice scent. Needle retention is normally very good through the season. The branches are gently turned upward for the classic Christmas look.       

Live trees for re-planting (in containers or bailed-and-burlapped)

Green Giant Thuja Green GiantThis stately tree grows with a conical Christmas-tree shape and retains its deep green color. This tree is the perfect fast growing evergreen for a privacy hedge or wind screen. The flat, delicate, dark-green foliage emits a pleasantly sweet aroma.       White Pine popular real christmas treesSoft flexible blue-green needles that are 2 to 5 inches in long bundles of five providing a very full appearance throughout the holiday season. It has little or no fragrance which may help with less allergic reactions as compared to more fragrant trees. It has slender branches that generally support fewer and smaller decorations as compared to a sturdier tree. Its needle retention is very good. When planted after the holidays, it can grow in to a very large tree.     Norway Spruce norway spruceIts dark green needles and drooping branchlets have a dark green color with a triangular shape. The needles are 4-sided and 1/2"-1" long with a somewhat sharp blunt. The stiff branches are quite suitable for relatively heavy ornaments. The spacing between the branches is wide enough to allow for lots of lights and ornaments deep into the foliage. Its tolerance of soil variations has also made it a popular tree for windbreaks.     Blue Fat Albert Spruce Blue Fat Albert Spruce christmas treeThis tree is not a character on a cartoon comedy show, but rather named after the area from which it originates. The tree has a rich blue coloring with dense foliage arranged in a compact and wide-framed layout making it 0a wonderful living Christmas tree. If you have enough space and want to add a sense of formal dignity to your landscape, the Norway spruce will suit you well.