What do I need to bring to the farm? Just your family & an expectation to have an enjoyable time out on the farm! Wonderland has hand saws available to visitors. You are welcome to bring your own hand saw, however chainsaws, axes, hatchets or any power saws are not allowed on the farm. Gloves are recommended when cutting your own tree. Please bring those if needed. Where to park: We have plenty of graveled parking areas. What forms of payment are accepted? We accept cash, debit and credit cards. What types of trees are growing on the farm? We have many varieties of Christmas trees growing on the farm: Virginia Pine, Scotch Pine, Leyland Cypress, Eastern White Pine, Southwestern White Pine, Turkish Fir, Concolor Fir (white fir), Baby Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce. Available this 2016 season: Virginia Pine, Leyland Cypress, and Scotch Pine. Are there bathroom facilities located on the farm? Yes, we have portable bathroom facilities located throughout the farm. Pre-Tagging of trees: We do not allow pre-tagging of any trees. We ask that you select and cut your tree when you visit. We will help shake it, properly net it, and help to load it if needed in our loading area. What do the shakers and netters do? The shakers shake the loose, dead needles from the tree. The netters funnel the tree into a smaller form and make it easier to transport and to get it inside your home. Photography Sessions: Photo shoots with professional photographers are allowed prior to our season opening date ONLY. There is a location fee required. All sessions must be scheduled in advance, no exceptions. Sessions are not allowed during the seasonal operating schedule or when open to the public. Photographers may contact us for more details: Click Here

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