Our Tractor Pulled Hayride

Celebrate the season of Christmas with our free old-fashioned hay ride out to the fields. Climb aboard our decorated trailer as we pull you and your family out to the trees that are ready for cutting this year.

hayrideThe short ride is fun for the whole family. And, it is safe for everyone ready to pick just the right Christmas tree. Make sure you bring a camera to capture the special moments with your family along the way.

It is a simple and fun experience to visit with other families looking to cut down that special tree. We also hope you enjoy the wonderful holiday music heard throughout the tree fields. Everyone will remember the time spent cutting your tree!

christmas tree farm near northwest arkansasWe will return often to help get you and your tree back to the pavilion area. Then we will shake out any old needles, bale it up, and get the tree ready to load up for the ride home.

Bow saws are available for use or bring your own (no chain saws, see our farm rules). We do recommend bringing your gloves for the cutting process.

Enjoy this short video on a hayride out to the tree farm.

Take a look at the description of all our trees before you head out to the trees. It will help you know a little more about our xmas trees for sale.

Visit our version of a country Christmas store located near the pavilion. You’ll find several unique gift ideas, tree decorations, and more. We are set up in the store to process payments for your selected tree.