Holiday Treats

Cookies, popcorn, and other kid-friendly holiday treats are available in our store area. Come on in and pick up your favorite decorated Christmas cookie.

This season we are featuring delicious sugar cookies from the Smiley Cookie Company. Selection includes a darling Reindeer, a snowflake, a cute snowman, and of course, a Christmas Tree. Each cookie is individually wrapped, so you can enjoy your cookie with a cup of hot chocolate while you are on the farm or, take several of them home to use in stockings or add them to co-worker gifts.

These cute and colorful holiday cookies are great tasting and wonderfully finished with a traditional icing. We are sure one of these cookies will add a little holiday spirit in your day!

It's just one more way we hope to add to your fun when you visit Wonderland Christmas Tree Farm this year. We truly want your visit to be memorable and uplifting. It's a good thing we don't believe anything can be too cute to eat.

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